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Microneedling at Home

Derma Roller at-home use safety






Using Your Device

Using your Derma Roller, requires that you understand the risks of damage, scratching, hyper-pigmentation, and scarring to your skin.

You should start slowly at .25mm and extend to 1.5mm (2.0mm to 2.5mm if you are experienced)

Derma Rollers should be used in a straight direction to avoid scratching the skin. Use in straight lines in upward and downward rolls, then horizontally over the same area, and then in diagonal lines across the same area.

  1. Start with light pressure – no deeper than 0.5mm –
    regardless of the length needle you bought
  2. Move in straight lines as in fig. 1 and then over the same area as in fig. 2
    doing 6 – 10 rolls in each direction
  3. Lift off the skin completely before changing direction to avoid scratching
    and potentially harming your skin
  4. Use no more than once a week
  5. Apply more pressure each week until you’re at the desired depth.
  6. Apply a serum or moisturiser immediately after

How to use your derma roller

Sharing Devices

Never share your device with others, no matter how well you think you might have sterilized it.

Dropped Devices

Never use a derma roller, derma pen or needle cartridge if it has been dropped. No matter how hard or soft you think the surface might be, any surface can damage the fine points and these will most definitely cause damage to your skin.

Topical Serums & Creams

There are a number of topical serums and correctives available for use after your microneedling treatment.

Always do a small patch test to be certain that the product you intend to use will not cause irritation or allergy.

Needle length caution:

  • 0.25mm up to 0.5mm for eyes and face, 0.5mm to 1.0mm for face, neck and décolleté, and 1.0mm to 1.5mm for body.
  • Upwards of 2.0mm to 2.5mm is for professional use only.
  • You buy and use any length derma roller or derma pen entirely at our own risk.

IMPORTANT for Derma Roller Users

  • Derma Rollers should be used only on cleanly washed skin.
  • You can elect to roll with or without a serum.
  • Numbing cream may be necessary if you are sensitive, or if you intend rolling more than 0.5mm length.
  • Suitable non-irritating, corrective and nourishing products are applied after rolling.
  • You should check suitability of products for your skin on a patch prior to applying to the entire rolled area.
  • Never allow anyone else to use your roller, not even to test a patch.
  • Your Derma Roller must be cleaned after every use:
    • rinse under hot running water, do not attempt to rub needles
    • then sanitize with 70% alcohol spray before storing
    • allow to air dry and store in its case where needles cannot be damaged

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