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Microcurrent – slow the signs of aging skin

Femme Lift & Glow Anti Aging Skin Tightening

The mere mention of a device or therapy that claims to delay floppy jowls, crow’s feet and the dreaded cheek wrinkles (deceivingly disguised as laugh lines) is enough to send most women over 40 (including me a few years back) hammering at their keyboards searching for miracle cures.

Of course, there’s no quick fix to remedy anything that that took years to develop/cultivate/accept, but there are some amazing medical and aesthetic technologies to help slow the dreaded skin aging process a tad.

Femme Lift & Glow to the rescue!
Surgery is not medically possible for some, and salon based therapies are out of the reach of many women, whether it’s due to cost or proximity.
Simply order on line and in start turning back the clock now.

Femme Lift & Glow – exercise for your face.

Microcurrent will increase ATP production (adenosine triphosphate), the cellular energy molecule. Microcurrent stimulates the face muscles, helps produce collagen and elastin, lifts and smooths lines, lifts drooping jowls and brows, and stimulates circulation to give a healthy smooth glow.

Which microcurrent device?

Deciding on any product you’re considering buying on line usually takes a good deal of time on the internet, posting questions in your groups, asking friends, pondering the vast differences in prices.

There are quite a few devices on the market to choose from and it becomes difficult to know what to go for: price, looks, reviews, whatever.

It’s all in the seldom-read specs. If you check the specifications of devices across the globe you’ll note that all deliver the same, safe, approved for home use, 335 microamps of electric current. (There’s one I know of in the US that can deliver up to 500 microamps), but honestly, once you feel the Femme Lift & Glow you’ll understand that it takes some getting used to Level 1 (where we advise you start) and then slowly progress up to Level 3. With a home use device, my opinion is you’re better off with an aesthetician for any therapy that delivers over 335 microamps.

Why microcurrent?

Microcurrent has been used for a number of years, in both the medical and beauty fields, and delivered through various devices and methods.

Medically, microcurrent is used in a number of therapies including wound healing, muscle recovery therapy and dermal drug administration (TENS and EMS). The credible research referenced over the years, on the ability and effectiveness of microcurrent therapies, shows clear evidence of positive outcomes of the various therapeutic methods in use. (reference)

In the beauty business, skin therapies for various concerns such as acne, psoriasis and   pigmentation are in great demand, and it seems none as in-demand by the middle-aging as any therapy that claims to slow or even reverse the effects of aging on the skin.

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